Sindh govt decided to continue COVID restrictions for next 2 weeks


KARACHI The Provincial Task Force on coronavirus, keeping in view the rising trend of new cases and increasing death rate, has decided to continue the on-going restrictions for the next two weeks with strict standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) all over Sindh. The meeting was told that the record number of 24,299 tests were conducted on May 21, against which 2,136 cases constituted 8.8 percent detection rate and 22 patients died only on May 21 which was termed a dangerous trend.    It was disclosed that 17,197 travelers landed at Jinnah Terminal from May 5 to 21, 2021 and their rapid antigen tests were conducted then and there, as result 38 or 0.22 percent of them came positive.  Reviewing the post Eidul Fitr scenario, it was revealed that on Eid Day- May 13, there were 1,232 cases which went on abnormally increasing to 2,136 on May 21, 2021. At this the chief minister said that it means 904 cases increase within eight days of Eid.


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