‘Wish Kashmiris, Palestenians could thank Muslim Ummah for solidarity’

Islamabad: Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif addressing during National Assembly Session held on Monday. — NNI, May 17, 2021

ISLAMABAD:Opposition leader of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif spoke Monday over the Palestine issue in the National Assembly session, as the middle eastern country continues to suffer massacre led by the Israeli occupation force, calling on the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Arab League to soon commence a meeting on the matter, He said today that while the people of the whole world, including non-Muslims, protest against Israeli atrocities, the international media is not reporting on it and the heads of European states are silent. God forbid, he said, if it were any Muslim country doing the modicum of what Israel has been doing, it would have meant war. The only crime of Palestinians, which has silenced the international community, is that they are Muslims, he asserted. We should stand by Palestine unreservedly, Sharif said, adding that if we didn’t hold a principal stance now, the nation will never forgive us. He said the Prime Minister of India was no different as he meted out the same treatment in Kashmir and deprived them of the right to freedom. Modi stands today where Hitler stood in his times, he said referring to the manipulated resettlements of Indians in Kashmir to erase the latter’s indigenous identity. Separately today, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that the Muslim world has strongly condemned the Israeli atrocities in Palestine. He said the UNGA also met to discuss the issue but sadly the United States used its veto power to halt the release of a joint statement on the conflict. People are now protesting in the United States, London, and other European countries against the unabated Israeli aggression that has claimed the lives of nearly 200 people including children.


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