Sharmila Faruqi Bashes the CAA For Violating SOP’s


KARACHI: PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi had a very bad flight experience where she saw a jam-packed flight despite the coronavirus guidelines for air travel by the NCOC. Sharmila Tweeted, “Jam packed Airblue Airline flight. Not a single seat vacant.” She even criticised the ‘inflated’ price of the airline and said, “One way ticket Lahore to Karachi 23k super blackmailing.” Recently, the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAA) in a NOTAM issued and informed the concerned foreign airlines to limit international flights to 20 percent in the latest step to stop virus intake from other countries. The aviation regulator said that Pakistan has reduced the international flights from 590 flights to 123 at all eight international airports. Later, a few days before Eid the CAA had allowed the foreign airlines to operate additional 30 percent flights to cope with the Eid rush.


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