Embassies don’t welcome expats whose remittances rescue Pakistan, says PM


ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke Wednesday to all Pakistani diplomatic staff deputed globally to deliberate over issues faced by the diaspora and expatriates, particularly at the hands of embassies, whose remittances the premier said helped the country out of potential bankruptcyThe Prime Minister held a virtual session today at the ministry of foreign affairs, which all the ambassadors and diplomatic staff deputed everywhere in the world joined online, wherein he laid out a number of issues faced by Pakistani nationals outside and how ‘callous’ the Pakistani ambassadorial staff has been in addressing issues especially that of the middle eastern countries. There has been a problematic situation in the Pakistani embassy in Saudi Arabia where most of the Pakistani overseas community earns their livelihood, he said. He added the embassies must revisit and correct their approach to those whose remittances have helped Pakistani from bankruptcy. “We have received complaints on the citizens portal as well,” said the premier warning the staff to improve their dealing with expats overseas.


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