The term ‘radical Islam’ should never be used, says PM Imran


ISLAMABAD: “The level of Islamophobia has increased all over the world,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said while speaking to Islamabad-based ambassadors of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries.“When I became the prime minister I decided that I would try my best to bridge the gulf which was widening between the Muslim world and Western world,” Prime Minister said.He said the Muslim countries never made a concerted effort to try and make Western countries understand what we feel for Holy Prophet (PBUH).“The term ‘radical Islam’ should never be used because it in itself means the religion has something to do with radicalism, which is not the case,” PM Imran pointed out. “Terms like these are what cause Islamophobia, and only us the representatives of the Muslim World can do something about it,” he added.“Ordinary people in Western countries cannot distinguish between a moderate Muslim and a radical Muslim. So all Muslims become suspect. They need to understand that in all human communities there are radicals, liberals and moderate. If you will judge any human community by its extremes you will vilify it.”“No society in the world should be judged based on extremes,” the prime minister stressed, lamenting that the Western world has linked radicalism and extremism with Islam and Muslims.“They link every blast or suicide attack with Islam without realising that it has nothing to do with the religion,” he said.


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