PIA aircraft carrying COVID vaccine doses from China lands in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: One of three special airplanes of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) carrying 300,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses from China on Thursday landed in Islamabad. Three Boeing 777 PIA airplanes were sent to China by the Government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Health, yesterday, in a bid to accelerate the delivery of vaccines to combat the coronavirus epidemic. As per details, the second plane of PIA with more doses will reach Pakistan today afternoon while the third flight is expected to land at 12:00 midnight. Earlier on April 25, three PIA planes carrying a consignment of one million COVID-19 vaccine doses had landed in Islamabad as the country sees a sharp increase in new coronavirus cases. The aircraft had left for China on Saturday. Two special planes and a PIA regular flight were used to airlift the Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine doses from Beijing. Pakistan had purchased another 30 million doses of COVID vaccine from China that will soon arrive in the country to help in a drive to vaccinate its over 220 million population.


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