Iqra Aziz addresses relationship dynamic with Yasir Hussain


Pakistani star Iqra Aziz recently dished over her relationship dynamics with Yasir Hussain and the real reason she chose him as a life partner.

The star addressed the relationship with Yasir share in an Instagram post and wrote, “I chose to spend the rest of my life with Yasir because he always speaks the truth and does not discriminate between people.”

“Moreover, the most important thing is that he really knows how to respect women. After my mother and sister, there’s no one who has given me more confidence than him. It is a big deal that a man, your own husband, supports your work, your dreams and genuinely wants you to achieve success and reach greater heights.”

She concluded by saying, “To love a woman, to respect her, and to own her in front of thousands of people, make her the queen of your house, and not only fulfill her dreams but also help her and be mindful of her happiness instead of your own; not discriminating between a man and a woman or husband and wife, is every woman’s dream — and my dream came true Alhamdulillah.”


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