PM Imran Khan urges people to act responsibly amid second coronavirus wave


‘Wearing a mask easiest precaution’: PM Imran Khan urges people to act responsibly amid second coronavirus wavePrime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday people to act responsibly and wear masks amid the second coronavirus wave, as it is the “easiest precaution one can take”.Addressing a media briefing in Lahore, he expressed concern that the daily death toll has now hit 50 from single digit figures just two weeks ago. He said that Pakistan will avoid closing down factories and businesses, as people’s livelihoods are linked to these. “We cannot render the daily wage worker unemployed.” “But I strongly urge all factory, shop and shopping mall owners to strictly enforce safety protocols. And the easiest thing to do is just to wear a mask.” PM Imran said Pakistan’s exports are on the rise and “we are ahead of India and Bangladesh”.”I recently visited Faisalabad and our textile industry is booming, so much so that they are short of workers. So we will not shut down factories,” he reiterated. “While safeguarding against corona, we cannot allow our people to die of hunger. Our economy has recovered after such hard work, we cannot stop its smooth functioning at this juncture,” the prime minister said. The premier said that Pakistan “successfully fought off” the virus in the first wave and urged people to demonstrate the same willingness to follow safety measures “as they had in the early months of the outbreak”.


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