After Afghans, Pakistanis have ‘greatest stake’ in peace, says PM Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan, a day after his maiden official visit to Kabul, said that after the Afghans, it is Pakistanis that have the “greatest stake” in peace in Afghanistan.

“My visit to Kabul was another step towards conveying Pakistan’s commitment to peace in Afghanistan,” said the premier on Friday, in his first tweet on the trip since his return.

“I have never believed in military solutions which is why I always believed that in Afghanistan peace will be achieved through political dialogue,” he added.

The premier said that Pakistan has the most at stake after Afghanistan from peace in the region as it will “allow for connectivity and trade, bringing prosperity to both Afghans and Pakistanis”.

“Our people in the tribal areas, who have suffered the ravages of the war in Afghanistan, will especially benefit from peace and trade,” he said.

During his visit to Afghanistan, PM Imran Khan said that Pakistan will do its utmost to end violence and establish peace in Afghanistan.


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