PM to personally monitor supply of flour, sugar and prices


ISLAMABAD  – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said that a large consignment of wheat has arrived while sugar is also being imported, adding that he would personally monitor the supply and price. Wheat and sugar should be supplied within country through Pakistan Railways. Prime Minister Imran Khan said this while presiding over a meeting of the Federal Cabinet. According to details, a meeting of the Federal Cabinet was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan in which the political and economic situation of the country was reviewed.

According to sources, the situation in Karachi and relief work was briefed in the meeting. On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that I am going to Karachi in two days, I will review the situation there.

We will solve all the problems in Karachi including transport and sewerage. I understand the plight of the citizens of Karachi. The federal government will provide all the resources to solve the problems of Karachi, said PM.

The meeting was briefed on appointments made without Cabinet approval, encroachments on Margalla Road and outsourcing to major airports in the country.

In addition, the annual reports of NEPRA and the State of Industry were presented, while approval was given for the construction of multi-storey buildings in major cities.

The participants lauded the decision of the Prime Minister not to increase the prices of petroleum products, to which Imran Khan said that the people were facing difficulties in the current situation. The government will bear the additional burden on the prices of petroleum products


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