Improving economic indicators paving way for an industrial Pakistan: PM Imran


ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that the government is moving towards Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal’s Pakistan. Pakistan is the interpretation of the great dream of two leaders.In a televised message on the occasion of Independence Day, he said that journey towards Quaid’s Pakistan had begun featuring rule of law and citizen’s equal rights regardless of their color, creed or faith and an Islamic welfare state.

The prime minister said that Pakistan is the embodiment of the dream of two great leaders, adding that they wanted to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state with the rule of law. He hoped that the country would achieve the great dream of the forefathers if persistent efforts were made.

Imran Khan said that despite COVID-19 pandemic, country’s economic indicators were improving to herald a better time ahead and paving way for an industrial Pakistan. “Thanks God, our revenue starts increasing. Despite coronavirus, our tax collection in July is above the set target. I am looking even better situation ahead,” the prime minister said.

He said initially, the government feared of deaths due to both the coronavirus and hunger caused by the lockdown. However, consequent to the government’s decision of smart lockdown, the coronavirus cases were on decline and the economy was on revival. “The war (against coronavirus) is not yet over. The challenges still persists,” the prime minister said advising people to keep adhering to precautions of social distancing to avert the resurgence of the virus.

The premier told the nation that the first two years of the incumbent government were difficult owing to huge debt burden, reduced foreign exchange and exorbitant agreements with power producers.

He said: “Initially, the government was unable to pay back debts owing to low foreign exchange but consequent to government’s prudent decisions, the default as well as the worst inflation had been averted.”

“I realized the living condition of the people but “the good news is that the situation is improving,” the prime minister said and added following heavy incentives by the government to the construction industry, the investors’ confidence had revived which was reflected into the record improvement in the stock market. “The uplift of the construction sector would benefit allied 40 industries to create jobs and wealth and consequently enhancing the government’s tax collection,” he said.

He said: “Resolving another huge burden on the national economy, the government had finally reached to an agreement with the power producers to generate power at reduced cost and the benefit would be trickled to the industry and people, moreover, as next target, the government would introduce a package to reform the power distribution system to curb theft and line losses.”

Earlier in a series of tweets, the prime minister, on the occasion of Pakistan’s 73rd independence anniversary, has congratulated the nation at the upturn in economy after two years of struggle.

The premier took to Twitter and wrote, “I congratulate our nation on its 73 years of Independence. Our journey towards Quaid’s Pakistan has begun: for Rule of Law with all citizens equal before the law; and towards an Islamic Welfare State, premised on compassion.

“I congratulate the nation on successfully tackling COVID-19 by protecting our poor through cash support and smart lockdowns and by being able to reduce our overall cases.


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