Punjab govt submits coronavirus progress report to Supreme Court


ISLAMABAD – Punjab government has submitted a progress report on its response to the coronavirus to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.The report submitted to the Supreme Court says that more than Rs 468 million has been allocated for the purchase of new vehicles for the entire province in the financial year 2020-20, of which Rs 29 million is for Agriculture Department.

The report said that none of the money allocated was for the purchase of new vehicles to eradicate locust swarms. Rs 706 million have been allocated for the eradication of locusts in Multan from the Provincial Annual Development Program. It also said that the list of Covid19 preventive drugs is compiled in accordance with DRAP guidelines.

The provincial report said that instructions have been issued for the supply of important drugs, including dettol, in the market. It said there is no shortage of medicines in the province and such reports are completely baseless. If there is a shortage of medicines, a mechanism is in place to deal with the situation.

According to the report, keeping in view the spread of Covid 19, the number of designated pharmacies in the province has been increased. Currently, designated pharmacy services are being provided in 21 districts. Moreover, the province has banned the stockpiling of oxygen and other drugs for making illegal profits.

According to the report, the salaries of sanitary workers working in the province have been paid till June 30. PDMA has taken precautionary measures for the monsoon season such as inspection of floodwaters and the establishment of a flood control room.

Details related to Razabad area of Faisalabad are also part of the report. The area consists of three main bazaars and 25 streets and its drainage system is inadequate. Work began in March 2020 to improve the area’s drainage system, but had to be halted because of coronavirus.

According to the report, work has resumed from June 21 and will be completed soon. WASA has prepared a plan for improvement of water supply and sewerage system in urban areas of Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi and Gujranwala.


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