Sunday, May 31, 2020
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PSL anthem: Ali Azmat accuses Ali Zafar of negative propaganda


‘Junoon’ singer Ali Azmat has indirectly accused singer turned actor Ali Zafar of hiring bloggers to spread negative feedback against the anthem for the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League.

The ‘Sanyoni’ singer claimed that rival singers, who had previously sung anthems for PSL, have conspired against this year’s anthem ‘Tayyar Hain’.

While talking during a private channel’s programme, the pop-singer said that all the negative comments on social media regarding PSL5 anthem were ‘engineered’ by rivals and do not depict the honest views of the viewers. The programme’s host asked Azmat clarifying whether he was referring to Ali Zafar or not, to which he said that he did not want to take anyone’s names.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ali Zafar had previously sung the anthems ‘Ab Khel k Dikha’, ‘Ab Khel Jamay Ga’ and ‘Dil se Jan Laga De’ for first three editions of the mega tournament, which became very popular among fans.

In response to Ali Azmat’s indirect accusations, Ali Zafar took to Twitter and posted a video message filled with sarcasm. “Friends, whatever problems you have in life, whether social, or economic or the failure of a song or an event, you are not responsible for it. There’s only one person responsible for all your problems and that’s me,” the singer said in the video.


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