Effects of Strike by Fazlur Rehman on Economy


Effects of Strike by Fazlur Rehman on Economy


Ehtisham Raza Kazmi

New York

The million men march, of rightest Fazlur Rehman of Pakistan’s economy is devastating and are hard to measure. The economy has been under extreme pressure for quite some time. Imran Khan took over and found a totally bankrupted treasury where the figures were manipulated and funds misused. The deficit was increasing on alarming rate, the circular debt was sky high and exports were declining and imports increasing. The borrowing from IMF and World Bank had multiplied on alarming rate under the corrupt regimes of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari but last 3 years under Nawaz were devastating. The sit down strike and so called million men march has only one demand that is the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Behind the scenes, he was being advised and pushed by Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari to start this drama which will result in clash with defense forces and eventually derailing so called democracy.  It will be unwise and stupid to believe that Fazlur Rehman loves Pakistan or the democratic process; this is first time in last 30 years that he lost a seat in the parliament and has been thrown out of the residence provided to parliamentarians. There are cases of corruption and illegal wealth in NAB against him and his family which were supposed to be opened/started soon. Imran Khan is determined to uproot the corruption and prosecute the corrupt elements of the previous governments. He is being attacked under various disguises by the elite and corrupt. The owners of mansions and palace who drive most expensive cars and live like royalties do not contribute and pay taxes. The most of the economy is all cash and no records are maintained. The wealthy businessmen live the life of Kings and pay as little as possible. Imran Khan and his team are determined to bring all of them to tax net and pay what is due. The opposition is from the businessmen and politicians. The senior bureaucrats are also part of the corrupt machine and have to be uprooted.

The DHARNA and strike is hurting the economy and disturbing the lives of common men. Mullah has brought the students who go to Madrassa operated by JUI in North and near Pashtun villages for poor people. The attendees have been told that Imran Khan is pro-Israel and anti-Islamic and he is also against the blasphemy laws. This is false allegation and to hurt his image. JUI is being financed by outside anti Pakistan factions. The Kashmir issue which was on the forefront has gone on the backburners. Nawaz Sharif and Zardari and other corrupt leaders are demanding NRO which Imran Khan has refused and has taken a stand “Over my dead body”. It is a stalemate and dangerous situation. India and anti-Pakistan forces have invested over a billion rupee per day to finance and carry on DHARNA. The forces want Pakistan to become another Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The mercenaries have already poured in to Pakistan. Pakistan Army is strong and elite force which will defend Pakistan until the last drop of blood. Pakistan forces have been target of west and India they have tried to penetrate but have not succeeded so far.

Let us hope and pray that Fazlur Rehman will be taught a lesson with Achakzai once for all and Pakistan will be able to stand on its feet as a strong nation under the guidance of Imran Khan.


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