Nawaz Sharif health report: destabilized heartbeat, requires immediate treatment


LAHORE:Personal physician to former premier Dr. Adnan said that Nawaz Sharif’s health has detoriated badly due to which he has to be permanently on pacemaker. His medical examination went for one and a half hour which included different tests and medications in the Sharif Medical Complex on Tuesday.

According to the details, Nawaz Sharif was examined for the third time now. His medical reports were reviewed by the members of special medical board.

Personal physcian Dr. Adnan said that former premier’s heartbeat is not stable and he requires immediate medial attention. As for his treatment, it is not decided yet if he will be operated in or outside of Pakistan.

Dr. Adnan said that two of Nawaz Sharif’s heart walls have been closed. He added that we have to see if they can be recovered with operation.

According to Dunya News sources, former premier spent more than a hour and half in the medical complex and had a detailed discussions with doctors on his awry health.

The former prime minister is currently out on bail granted on medical grounds.


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